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16. 11. 2017

Libor Kaňka - violin coach is free for one more ensemble

For ensemble playing piano quintet by D. Shostakovich we are looking for viola player, or cellist
16. 11. 2017

February 3 - 11


Lubomír Havlák - violin will play together with Miranda Wilson – violin, Keith Berry – viola and Rickman Godlee – cello. Programme : Mozart – F dur K. 590

Zbyněk Paďourek - viola plays with Fieke Smitskamp - violin, Jeremy Goulding - cello and Klaus Eckert - piano.

Jitka Vlašánková - cello will play with Adela Farcas - violin, Carolyn Dyson - violin and Vincent Pitteloud - viola.

Jiří Kabát - viola will play with Laurent Levy – violin, Gabriele Bode – violin, Thomas Lieber – viola 1 and Gisela Lieber – cello. Programme : A. Bruckner – String quintet

Lubomír Havlák - violin will play with Marie-Paule Grandjean – violin, Elisabeth Handschin - viola and Mariann Wickihalter - cello. Programme : B. Smetana - String quartet in E-minor No. 1

Libor Kaňka - violin will play with Simon Brown - violin, Charlotte Turner - viola and Tim Nicholls - cello. Programme : P. Haas - String quartet No. 2

Zbyněk Paďourek - viola plays with Anne Tupling – violin, Arien Krijgsman – violin and Anthony Desbruslais - cello

Jitka Vlašánková - cello will play together with Cheng Ta Jack Lu – violin, Marion Scheuer - violin, Michelle Falcon – viola and Kelvin Paisley - piano. Programme : C. Franck - Piano quintet in F-minor

Jiří Kabát - viola will play together with Erika King - violin, Martina Berchtold-Neumann - violin, Daphne Wassermann - cello and Simon Wassermann - piano. Programme : C. Franck - Piano quintet

Radim Sedmidubský plays with Andreas Heymann - violin, Cheng Ta Jack Lu - violin, Andreas Missel - cello and Georg Pepping - piano. Programme : A. Dvořák - Piano quintet in A major op. 81

Viola or cello coach plays with Kuei Ju Tina Tan - piano, Margreet de Boer - violin, Alain Brustel - violin. Programme : D. Shostakovich - Piano quintet For this ensemble we are looking for cellist, or viola player

Libor Kaňka - violin coach, is free for one more ensemble !!

11. 11. 2017

Registered musicians

First week from 30th June

Karla Pogarell - violin, Germany
Erdmann Heise - cello, Germany
Anne Tupling - violin, UK
Nick Booth - viola, UK
Ruth Ridley - cello, UK
Petra Catz - violin, Holland
Heinz Bauer - piano, Germany
Arien Krijgsman - violin, Holland
Peter van de Kerkhof - violin, Holland
Anneke van Brakel - cello, Holland
Wolfram Reutlinger - violin, Holland
Anja Reutlinger - cello, Holland
Jane Dickinson - violin, UK
Andrew Uttley - violin, UK
Michelle Falcon - viola, UK
Matthias Baumann - violin, Germany
Martin Metz - viola, Germany
Martin Heintze - cello, Germany
Angelika Miller - violin, Germany
Anthony Desbruslais - cello, UK
Stella McDowall - cello, Austria
Klaus Eckert - piano, Germany
Rachel English - violin, UK
Vojtěch Janoušek - viola, Czech republic
Martina Janoušková - cello, Czech republic
Enga Chang - violin, Taiwan
Liao Chia Hsen - violin, Taiwan
Cyriel Tönissen - cello, Holland
Daniele Lederlin - piano, France
Emmanuel Chavaneau - theremin, France

Second week from 7th July

Karla Pogarell - violin, Germany
Erdmann Heise - cello, Germany
Angelika Ritzschke - violin, Germany
Elisabeth Handschin - violin, Switzerland
Louise Bigwood - cello, Switzerland
Lance Hewson - violin, Switzerland
Clarien Zetsma - cello, Holland
Olga Haenen - viola, Holland
Pieter Kuipers - piano, Holland
Carliene Gieszen - violin, Holland
Keith Berry - viola, UK
Chrisje van Gogh - violin, Holland
Lex Stockmann - violin, Holland
Jan Grijpink - viola, Holland
Susan Macfarlane - cello, Holland
Jan Michiel Otto - piano, Holland
Marileen van der Most van Spijk - flute, Holland
Adela Farcas - violin, France
Beatrice Raimbourg - cello, France
Laurent Cabanel - piano, France
John Ryan - violin, UK
Elisabeth Ryan - viola, UK
Elisabeth Nevrkla - cello, UK
Fieke Smitskamp - violin, Holland
Simon Brown - violin, UK
Philippa Jones - cello, UK
Michael Sackin - violin, UK
Jane Dhonau - violin, UK
Wendy Philpott - cello, UK
Klaus Eckert - piano, Germany
24. 10. 2017
Three viola coaches for PLAYWIP PRAHA 2018

For our winter course we received many many applications, but not so many from viola players. This is a reason, why we this time use service of three viola coaches. Except of ZBYNĚK PAĎOUREK it will be JIŘÍ KABÁT, young and very talented viola player and composer, member of Vlach Quartet, and RADIM SEDMIDUBSKÝ, whom you know already from Jindřichův Hradec.
We are happy, that they accepted our invitation.
8. 9. 2017
Double-bass tutor in summer PLAYWIP 2018

The participants of summer chamber music course in Jindřichův Hradec will have opportunity to play compositions with double-bass. Our invitation accepted outstanding player on double-bass JIŘÍ ROHAN
21. 4. 2017
NEWS of the year 2017

There is a possibility to come to our courses only for FREE PLAYING. Without playing with professionals.
The price in JH with accommodation in dormitory and breakfasts in the school would be 10.000 CZK (370 EUR) for one week. The price could be even lower, if you would share room with somebody in the dormitory (8.000 CZK)
21. 4. 2017
!! New confirmed dates for PLAYWIP 2018 in Jindřichův Hradec !!

first week : 30 June - 8 July
beginning 30th June in the evening
ending 8th July in the morning
second week : 7 - 15 July
beginning 7th July in the evening
ending 15th July in the morning
19. 3. 2017

3. - 11. February

- starts by welcome dinner at 8 p.m. 3. February
- ends 11. February after breakfast
13. 8. 2016
For the participants, who would like to have more luxury in their accommodation, we can recommend some pensions or hotels in Jindrichuv Hradec. Prices are a little bit higher then in Dormitory

Pension Pod zámkem - very nice place by the river Nežárka, 5 min. walking distance to school. Restaurant.

Pension U Papoušků - the nearest pension, 2 min. from the school. With very good restaurant.

Pension Na 15. poledníku - about 3 min. from the school in the historical centre of the town. Restaurant.

Hotel Bílá paní - very near to the castle. Very nice place. Restaurant. About 8 min. from the school.

By request we can provide accommodation in other places, too.
1. 4. 2016

For the participants, who would like to improve their parts and their style of playing, there will be a possibility of individual lessons in the evening. There will be special fee for one lesson 500 Kč (20 EUR).
9. 12. 2011
Local violin maker Mr. Pechousek will be available for small repairs, consult, bow rehair etc. at very reasonable prices. L.
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