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Základní umělecká škola Vítězslava Nováka
Janderova 165/II
Jindřichův Hradec, CZ-377 01

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Švecova kolej, Janderova 190/II
Jindřichův Hradec, CZ-377 01

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Konzervatoř Jana Deyla
Maltézské náměstí 14
Praha 1 - Malá Strana, CZ-118 44

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Hotel William
Hellichova 455/5
Praha 1, CZ-110 00

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Zámek Lnáře
Lnáře 1
Lnáře, CZ-378 42

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location Jindřichův Hradec
location Praha
location Lnáře

PLAYWIP takes place in Jindřichův Hradec (South Bohemia), and also in Praha (the capital of the Czech Republic).

Map of Czech Republic

Praha Jindřichův Hradec Lnáře

Jindřichův Hradec

Jindřichův Hradec is a UNESCO protected world cultural heritage and prospering small touristic town about 50 km east of České Budějovice (Budweis). It is the home of Concertino Praga, the most prestigious music competition for young students in the Czech Republic. Famous composers such as Bedrich Smetana and Vítezslav Novák used to live there. Our workshops take place in the local music school with excellent facilities and accommodation is available in a renovated hall of residence just next door.

The rooms in dormitory are simple, no TV, usually two rooms have one bath and toilet together. It is recommended to take your own towels and soap. Internet is available. For those, who are accommodated in Dormitory, the breakfast is arranged in the school of music and is included in price. Elsewhere the breakfast is not included. Other meals are taken in local restaurants in walking distance at very moderate prices.

Accommodation can also be arranged in private pensions or hotels respectively for the whole duration of the workshop. We can mediate an accommodation for you.
Links to the accommodation:

Price of the course includes accommodation in the near by dormitory, breakfast in the school, workshop participation, using of the school, lecture, opening dinner, barbecue and copying. Further details can be found on

Map of Jidřichův Hradec

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The course in March 2023 is based in Prague Conservatoire, which is situated in the heart of Prague, under Prague castle.

The participants will spend the majority of the week in the Conservatoire* both working on the music of their choice and also enjoying lunches (included in the course fees) in dining room in the school. The rehearsal rooms in the music school will be available during the daytime and in the evenings until late but we also strongly recommend that the participants take advantage of the rich cultural life on offer in Prague. The city is full of beautiful buildings representing all the major architectural periods throughout the centuries, not to mention a good variety of restaurants within easy reach of the Conservatoire.

The price of the course also includes accommodation with breakfast in the Hotel William ( situated about 800 m from the Conservatoire, an easily walkable distance.

Map of Praha

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Autumn PLAYWIP in Castle Lnare – for string and wind players only

In response to the growing interest in our chamber music courses, we have decided to organise a further course in the autumn. We have chosen to hold it in the beautiful setting of Castle Lnare ( in Southwestern Bohemia. The Castle was built in the seventeenth century and has been fully renovated and restored to its original Baroque style. Castle Lnare is situated 100 km south-west of Prague and comprises the Castle itself together with a hotel and a restaurant and can therefore offer us full board and accommodation on-site. It also has gardens, lakes and a large English Park surrounding it. Its only disadvantage is the lack of a grand piano.

Map of Lnáře

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