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Concert for PLAYWIP – 21. 2. 2021


Are you an amateur, a semi-professional, or a professional musician? Have you ever experienced playing with a professional musician in a group? Here is a workshop you will be able to make it at world-class level. Having a professional playing in your ensemble will enhance your skills playing in an ensemble significantly. Things you thought of never being able to play before will suddenly become possible driven by music’s invisible power of give and take. We are grateful that the members of the world-class Martinu-Quartet make themselves available to play for four days full time as professionals in your ensemble. PLAYWIP started as a series of single workshops in the Czech Republic. PLAYWIP has been a spontaneous idea of Christian Boller generated in 2001. Since 2006 the PLAYWIP workshop with the Martinu-Quartet had to be duplicated because of the large number of registrations.


Participants of 8-day course of PLAYWIP are divided into two groups (Group 1, Group 2). In each group are four ensembles; each ensemble is coached by one member of Martinu-Quartet. The coaches not only teach but they are also part of the ensemble. According to the daily schedule the members of the Martinu-Quartet play half a day with ensembles of the Group 1 and second half a day with ensembles of the Group 2. Each ensemble will study only one selected chamber work. During the course the Martinu-Quartet will perform in a public concert in one of the interesting venues in the vicinity of Jindrichuv Hradec designated specifically for the members of the workshop. The culmination of PLAYWIP will be a principal musical afternoon on the last day in which the participants can perform at the final informal concert.

is a 7 days workshop split into two parts. The first three days ad hoc ensembles are established on a daily basis which will study a piece of their choice. These three days are organised by professional tutor, who can help the participants by playing or can play with them as well. During the remaining four days each ensemble is fixed and will include one member of the Martinu-Quartet. Each ensemble will study a single piece of music only. The participants can take part in a final informal concert. During the course duration Martinu-Quartet will perform in an independent concert for the participants of the course in one of the interesting venues in the vicinity of Jindrichuv Hradec.
Major languages at the workshops are English, German, Russian and Czech.


If you are technically able to enjoyably play chamber music, say a quartet of Mozart, Haydn or Schubert, you are eligible to register. It is possible to register as an individual or as a member of the ensemble. We are also not limited to string instruments only. Within your ensemble which you will either register or will be decided by us you will have to agree on the piece of music you will play and you will have to practise for yourself beforehand.

Passive participation for listening to the workshop only is welcome.

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